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By: Paula Bissoli

Energies attract other energies of the same vibrational pattern, and thoughts as well as feelings generate energy !!! In a general way, the mind is always attentive to events, it is always active, often with constant and repetitive dialogues, attuning its energy to other energies of the same vibrational pattern of the world around it.

If you maintain a more rigid and negative mental pattern, it will be harder to find the best solutions and also to discover the good side of things, besides that , negative energies have full attunement to the energy of criticism, irritation, bad mood, lamentation and even with the energy of disease.

So if you want improvement in some area of ​​your life, begin to work positively on your thoughts and feelings, manage them in a healthy way .

As soon as a negative thought comes to your mind, immediately replace it with a positive thought!

Make your best efforts to be better to yourself and somehow the world around you will respond positively!

It is important to pay attention to the pattern of your thoughts and feelings, to direct them to a healthy frequency ando to  be easier to cultivate creativity, to find good solutions, to be more optimistic, to have more well-being, to have more prosperity, to heal, etc.

The pattern of comparison or mourning, for example, when ingrained generates loss of vital energies, so a person who spends all day grieving or mourning sad matters and lamentations of the step usually gets more tired at the end of the day.


This mantra has the great function of silencing your inner voice when it insists on cultivating negative thoughts of judgments, criticism, contempt, affliction, envy, anger or even when your thoughts insist on lamenting or comparing you with other people, which generates loss of energies, in addition to attuning to the energies of the astral.

This mantra is performed mostly mentally!  Whenever repetitive and negative thoughts come to your mind, evaluate why, forgive those involved, forgive yourself, and soothe your inner dialogue, say to yourself, “Each with his own things!”

And when you respect yourself and allow yourself to be what you truly are, you will be contributing more to your own balance and happiness!

Examples of thoughts that are “relieved by this mantra”

– I have doubts to prosper because I pity who has no money!

Think: “Each with his own things!” If God gave you the opportunity to thrive it is because you deserved it! If it’s dedicated, it’s worked and it’s your merit! If other people have other stories, each one with their stuff !!!

– My neighbor bought 5 new cars!

Think: “Each one with his things!” It is his/her merit! If he/she won the lottery, if  won an inheritance, if sold a property, etc, it’s his story !!! And on the day you thrive and succeed, it will be your merit

After a while repeating this mantra mentally,  your thoughts will be more balanced and you will not lose more energy with the negative mental pattern, being easier to direct your attention and intention to the positive things, thus directing your energies to what “YOU WANT”and not to what “YOU DO NOT WANT”!

       Tune into the light and be light!✨🙏✨🙌🏻✨💖

Paula Bissoli 

Therapist, Reiki master, Psychoanalyst, Coach, Instructor and consultant Feng-Shui, ou


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