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Second version of this meditation with the music of Pedro Rabello

Títle: Let it flow

Greetings, Dear Soul 🙏🙌💖

It is a privilege to receive your visit in this site 🙏

Reiki is a healing system that strengthens the balance of energy in all things and it can also be directed towards a specific purpose, such as improving the quality of your sleep.

The inspiration for recording this meditation came in May 2018, after a patient told me that after she started therapies, she no longer had insomnia, but she was worried because she would be traveling and would be away from the city for a few weeks. Sensitized by this situation, I did a meditation in search of answers to help her.

Then, in a meditative state, I visualized an angel who asked me to record a meditation with Reiki, called “blessed sleep”, and that meditation should be sent not only to this patient, but to many people who could need this technique. This áudio was recorded using some Reiki healing symbols, including two new antivirus Reiki symbols, with the intention that everyone who hears this audio (regardless of location / day / year), can receive Reiki energy and have a Blessed Sleep and wake up with more disposition, balance and well-being!

First, I asked some friends and family to listen to this meditation and tell me their considerations, and the results were very good! After that, whenever someone mentions difficulties in sleeping, I recommend this meditation! Ideally you should listen to this audio for a minimum of 21 days in a row sequentially .and at the time you go to sleep, so that, the results will be more noticeable. Even if you fall asleep during this technique (técnique), don’t worry, your unconscious mind will pick up on the positive programming you´re receiving.

Thank you for very much for your attention 🙏🙌💖🙌🙏

Blessings, peace and Reiki energy 🙌✨💖✨🙌

Paula Bissoli – Reiki master

May the angels deliver this meditation to those who need it 🙏🙌😇

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